EASIER Family Meals

🍎EASIER Family Meals!🍎

Picky eating is a normal part of development in the pre-school years. Making meals EASIER can prevent this stage from snowballing into longer term issues.

➡️ Enjoy – meals together as a family as much as possible, especially buffet style.

➡️Allow – your child to choose if they eat and how much they eat, once food is served, this helps to build trust and helps to avoid short order cooking (division of responsibility approach).

➡️Schedule – space meals and snacks at least 2.5-3 hours apart throughout the day to help build appetite.

➡️Include – preferred and non-preferred foods in the meal, this helps to build confidence to try new foods.

➡️Explore – food in a variety of ways e.g. present indifferent shapes/with different foods, involve your child in cooking/shopping, play with food.

➡️Remove – pressure tactics e.g. take one more bite, finish what’s on your plate, you can’t have x until you finish your greens…

Eating is a skill. Just like children learn to walk and talk they also LEARN to eat a variety of foods

If mealtimes are frequently stressful, your child eats less than 20 foods or if they gag/choke often your child may needspecialist support. Contact info@eatspeechtherapy for a free 15 minute consult.

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