How to Spot Delayed Speech and Language Skills

Every child’s speech and language skills develop at different rates but there are key milestones that we expect children to reach at certain stages of their early life.

Signs of Speech and Language Delay

Signs that suggest benefit of speech and language therapy assessment include: late talking (less than 10 words by age two), very unclear speech, listening difficulties and hyperactivity (very fidgity or unable to sit with an adult for a short activity e.g. a book), difficulties following simple instructions; lack of interest in pretend play or interacting with other children.

Speech and Language Therapy Assessment

Speech and Language Therapists can conduct assessment of your child’s development. This may include but is not limited to: speech sounds, attention and listening, vocabulary skills, sentence structure, understanding of instructions, narrative and/or pragmatics/social skills.

Help for Delayed Speech and Language Skills

Following assessment, individual and/or group sessions or a program can be put in place to assist help the child develop their skills. This can be done in clinic, home and child-care environments, allowing children to practice across multiple settings.

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