Small Steps for Huge Wins

ANY small step is a HUGE win! Over the years working with children with Selective Mutism, eating and drinking difficulties and communication needs I have come to realise first hand that any step is a step forward.

In therapy for Selective Mutism we talk about small steps towards speaking confidence…. These don’t however have to be speech! Any small change or new action helps to increase communication confidence. As part of a step by step programme these small steps can pave the way to speaking confidence! Whether that be contacting a friend online, speaking with an existing communication partner in a new place, waving to someone on a train or even making a change in the usual routine. Any of these steps help one to know that they can make a change, that they can take a risk and that they can do things differently. From these small steps, bigs steps grow!

This is exactly the same for mealtimes! Moving from crackers to carrots can be waaaayyy to be a step and expectation if our picky eater has a restricted range of foods that they will accept. Applying the same principles of small steps, that don’t have to involve eating, can pave the way towards larger changes and happier mealtimes for all!

So, celebrate those small wins no matter how small they are and know that ANY step forward is a step in the right direction!

Tell me about your small steps this week! – I want to join in the celebration!!! 👏

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