What’s Causing my Child’s Behaviour Difficulties?

Is you child with picky eating, speech sound difficulties and/or speech anxiety experiencing any of the following:

  • Snoring
  • Emotional sensitivity e.g. grumpy, anger issues, upset and cries easily.
  • Mouth breathing
  • Teeth grinding
  • Night waking or bed wetting
  • Difficulty paying attention at school
  • Repeated ear infections and/or blocked nose
  • A regular or persistent blocked nose
  • Nasal sounding speech
  • Constipation or loose bowels
  • A highly arched palate
  • Crooked teeth

The body is one system and the mind is heavily influenced by what the body is doing! Addressing issues with the body and it’s functioning can have an almighty impact on brain development and child behaviour throughout the school day!

Any of these difficulties could be contributing to difficulties in the way that you child uses their jaw, lips and tongue to create speech sounds; Any of these difficulties can be making eating and drinking an uncomfortable experience for your child which will contribute to picky/fussy eating ; Some of these difficulties could be a sign of upper airway obstruction which can be contributing to poor sleep quality, behavioural difficulties, anxiety and so on.

Unfortunately, all too often, these difficulties are not fully understood and worried parents have their concerns dismissed, are made to feel paranoid or are told their children will “grow out of it”. This is not ok. Trust your gut – if you think something isn’t right then push for answers!

Often combinations of these difficulties require a team approach and a Speech and Language Therapist is one of the members on your team that can help. EAT Speech Therapy can support with a clear plan for addressing these difficulties and can coordinate access to the right health professionals required to address underlying causes.

For a FREE, no obligation, 15 minute consult regarding any concerns you might have about your child get in touch!

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